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Certified to perform Dept of Transportation (DOT) Physicals!!

Important Dates:
Dec 22 @ 6 at the Lenexa Community Center: Join Dr Dube for a movie night with the City of Lenexa
Jan 11, 18, 25 @ 6p at the KCKPL, South Branch: Dr Dube will be giving his Health Series regarding Nutrition, Chronic Pain, and Injury Prevention. Admittance is Free!
Apr 13 @ 11:30a at the Prairie Village YMCA: Dr Dube will be giving his Chronic Pain Presentation at a Lunch-N-Learn for 55+.

Chiropractic Adjusting
Chiropractors specialize in treating back pain using adjustments. Pain in the back can be related to fixations in the spine that stop the spine from moving correctly. By using their hands on the immobile area of the spine to deliver a quick, painless thrust, Chiropractors put motion back into those areas and therefore help to relieve your pain.
Chronic Pain Management
Many people suffer from pain that has been bothering them for long periods of time and interferes with their daily activities, even things as simple as whipping eggs, driving a car, typing, or walking around the house. While many people get some level of relief with pain killers, they may often feel it does not give them the help they need. Using Chiropractic and many of the other services described here, those seeking greater improvement will likely find it here at Approach, where the most cutting edge and up-to-date, researched methods are used to give you the most relief possible.
Car Accidents
Dr. Dube has an interest in working with those that have been involved in motor vehicle accidents. He is currently working on his certification with the American Institiute of Personal Injury Physicians (AIPIP) to ensure to you that he delivers the best care to get you back to health and understands how to work with any legal consultant you have properly.
Workplace Injury/Workers Compensation
Dr Dube is also working on expanding his inclusion as a preferred provider with many companies and delivers on-site services at some locations for convenience. (See Information page to learn more.)

He also has extended hours on Wednesday and Thursday to accomodate those working during regular 9-5 business hours.
Chiropractors gain experience in basic massage techniques and understand how muscles affect the back and may cause pain, as well.


Pain affects millions of Americans everyday. Those who suffer from pain are starting to use Topical Pain Relievers that target your pain. BioFreeze is the number one Topical Pain Reliever recommended by hands on health care professionals. For more that 20 years it has helps people manage pain created by exercise, arthritis, and physical therapies. It is a great, quick way to reduce pain between visits. You can choose from a spray, cream or a roll on to treat your painful injuries or therapy.


Kinesiology Tape (K-Tape, ROCKTAPE) is a product that is far more flexible than normal sports tape often used to treat athletes by improving performance. This tape, however, has many other uses. Some of those include relieving pain, improving posture, reducing bruises and swelling, and can even be used to help mothers better bare the extra weight gained during pregnancy.

First used in Japan by chiropractors and acupuncturists, today Kinesiology tape is used by practitioners throughout the world to treat injuries and improve sports performance. Kinesiology is often used by professional athletes, however medical professionals have started using this tape to alleviate a wide variety of ailments. The tape works by interfering with pain signals. For example, when you hit your arm against something and rub the area, your arm will start to feel better. This is the same way ROCKTAPE works when you use it. ROCKTAPE is made from 3% Nylon and 97% cotton. THE ADHESIVE IS A HYPO-ALLERGENIC, ACRYLIC-BASED AND CONTAINS NO LATEX.